Monday, 19 November 2007

Asa's Work 4 Today

I have developed The Doctor, just unsure if he should be tall or short and what colors his clothes should have so please scroll down and vote so I can finish the model sheets today. I will ask our 3D part timers if any of them wants to model him during the X-mas break.

I have sketched some more on the trainstation but i really prefer the old one, this one:

and these ones are new. Fedback please!

I am very close to finishing the Girls Character and Modelsheet, have problems with the girls hands and face in profile, this is what I gat so far but I am waiting for more to dry as I paint them with watercolors and I am not very good at this so I am doing small changes all the time trying to improve.

I am not very happy about Bobo and didn't get much fedback from the group when I did him so I asked Josie to ask her younger brother and sister to see what they thought, and they thought he looked scary so haha, the design is not succesfull! So I am making small changes and u guys will have to vote and leave fedback later.

Wasn't my job to look for music but I asked around and gat lucky so check your mail cos I found some really good stuff :)

Peace n Luv,


Josie Cheung said...

I vote for the very first sketch of the tree train station :)

Sophie's character sheet is looking great! Plus I vote for a tall doctor in grey coloured clothes.

I just finished listening to the song you emailed us and I think good - makes me think of Scene 1; the beginning of the story - gives a mysterious feeling (that's just me anyways :P)

Just to let you know that I am now working on the animatic (again Im not really an expert on it but will show you what I've done later during this week) - I may be a bit behind in modelling Sophie since I want to catch up with the essays so it won't be completed in Week 9 (sorry)


wanimanga said...

Ah to me the 2nd one shows alot more, I like the depth of it really and it seems to "work" more.

The branches are ok, we can interchange them with the weeping willow leaves seeing as most like that style.

It's probably just the shading of the middle part of the tree where the train "docks" that I am most interested in (especially since I'm doing the animatic for that)

├ůsa said...

naa, I am not really happy with her character sheet but I am working on it. I think we need to hand in a finished storyboard on the summative as well do we devide that work? i wil ask Eva for help and ask Mike if it snecessary if we have a really good animatic.

i like the top tree station as well, i can easily add more depth to it

peace n luv,

Jessica said...

I like the first tree you made, it looks more like its alive. it got the window on it which is like an eye and the stripy hair-branches. if you want to develop it further i think keep the window and the stripy hair :-) x/J