Thursday, 8 November 2007

Group's meeting & check list!

GROUP MEETING - Wan, Patrick, Nnamdi & Josie (Asa & Raph ill)

With today's group meeting everyone looked at Patrick's working process Animatic Block-out, it was quite difficult for everyone decide the camera angles; everyone had different suggestions and the storyboard's last scene needs to be updated.

Wan brought in lots of sketches of the train in the meeting as well.

I (Josie) needed to do some changes of Sophie's bedroom as Wan suggested that maybe its better to not have the extra bed next to the patients - plus I need to work on colourings!! - will need to look at Asa's colour schemes again so that everyone would agree with the colour setting.

Everyone agreed that we all need to start working on the Concept designs for the dead world as we haven't done it yet.

No one brought in music so we all will need to do more research for the animatic.

We plan to meet up tomorrow to discuss that we need to meet up for a whole day for the block-out animatic; we want EVERYONE'S suggestions!! Wan and I will do a simple block-out in Maya for tomorrow to discuss about the camera angles with Asa and everyone else (Wan = the scene where Bobo & girl runs to the train, Josie = the hosptial)

From Mike's brief of what's needs to be done for TERM 1 - I've marked off what we have done already:

  • Develop idea = DONE
  • Script writing = DONE
  • Assemble team = DONE
  • Storyboarding = Majority done (some changes in certain scenes)
  • Record scratch track
  • Character design:
  1. Bobo = DONE (Asa posted up the model sheet)
  2. Girl = Asa made sketches - Almost done, need everyone's opinons!!
  3. Mom
  4. Doctor = Eva made some sketches & will develop more designs - needs everyone's opinons!!
  5. Creatures = Raph will develop more sketches
  • Animatic (rough in Week 5) = DONE
  • Visual development =
  1. Moodboards = DONE
  2. Colour schemes = DONE, Asa made colour schemes for both the Dead World & Hospital
  3. Hospital room = Josie made sketches - DONE (Need to do some changes)
  4. Train Station = Asa & Animata made some sketches
  5. The Train = Wan & Nnamdi made some sketches - needs everyone's opinions
  6. Dead world
  • Plan production flow = NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!!
  • Breakdown scenes - tasks = (See Plan production flow a.k.a. Group's time schedule)
  • Model Characters
  • Model / Sets / Props
Hope that was helpful - plus I'll update the group's time schedule later by the end of this week!



Åsa said...

Good! :) Yes we need to get on track, I think I have said at three meetings that everyone have to research and sketch on the dead world and Patrick was supposed to do it for today.

eh, i posted color schemes for the dead world and the hospital here on the Blog and I even showed u gys some of them at the last meeting, remember? So tick that off the list :)

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

and Raphael was supposed to post his new creatures on the Blog TODAY..dont know what happened with that.

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

..hello, I researched and sketched on the trainstation as well, did u guys not see the idea with the tree and the sketches??

peace n luv,

Josie Cheung said...

OH CRAP! SORRY! I'll mark that off!!

:P Sorry!

p.s. I was told that Raphael had problems logging on the group blogg but I've linked his personal blogg so there shouldn't be a problem now!

Josie :)

Josie Cheung said... the time setting wrong on this blogg or something? I posted this blogg up at 6pm not 12pm!!

:S Josie

Åsa said...

dont worry :)

cool, we have some stuff ticked off and i am working really hard with the girls modelsheet, i just think it looks shit and have probelms with her profile, wanted to e-mail it to u tonite but I am not sure if i will have it all done, i am trying to paint the shadows her clothes so u can see how the fabric falls ..and well...lots of work haha :)

peace n luv n see u tomorrow!