Friday, 23 November 2007

To Josie for the animtic

Hey, very ruff but just for the animatic - I'll make and nicer one during the X-mas.
Something in the hospital room that shows that she has been there for a long time :)
I gat three different piano tunes from Christina yestrday that I just need to change to mp3's n then U'll have them in your mail boxes. They are very good. But I think I want somethin more ambient for the begining - Rapahel is doing more research and my sound guy will help out an pass over sounds as well.

have a nice weekend everyone!

Peace and lots of Luv!


Anonymous said...


I'll use them for Scene 3 of the the way, I can't find the model sheet of the mother so I'll just sketch a simple version of Animata's sketchs (the one same sketch of the mother with different colours) - hope that's ok.


├ůsa said...

there are on aminatas blog, modelsheets n everything :)