Thursday, 17 January 2008

Toys 4 Sophie's Hospital Room

Hey ya!

Josie and Eva is on the toy modelling and texturing case. Josie is also doing some toy research, I think it will be enough with 4 toys.

Josie will make the horse that she draw last year that we all really liked.

I would like to have a tamagotchi on her bed table, who of u would like to model and texture a tamagotchi? Let me know.

And who is up for modeling and texturing another soft toy, could be one of those I have in the research or you could come with suggestions.

Let me know,
peace n luv,


Josie said...

I was wondering; do you want coloured pencils and drawings on her table?

I included them for the hospital concept but not sure if you still want them include - they're not really toys but just a suggestion cos I'm happy to do them.

I'll research some more toys if you like as well (thanks for letting me model the horse doll by the way!)

Josie ^_^

├ůsa said...

yes i have made som already but if u want then u can help me texture them?

peace n luv

and yes i gat internet again!! :)

Eva Ng said...

hey I'm a bit swamped with jess' props and with the dissertation. hopefully once I manage to UV map and texture jess' stuff I can do some props for you guys. I don't mind doing the tamagochi for now. But i'll speak with you in the meeting....