Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This Week

Asa - texturing the hospital room and doing more concept and tests for the Shadow character. Make the new schedule with Josie. Find modeler for Sophie.

Josie - model and texture the two toys to Sophie's hospital room, the dolphin and the horse and when that is done do the changes to your scenes in the animatic ( there's a list here on the Blog that I posted before f X-mas - except we are keeping the old end ). Ask me if anything seems weird.

Raphael- texturing the heart rate monitor and, I really loved your idea today Raphael! Really nice! So go for that character and work on textures and colors, we want them soft and light and don't want them to take to much attention from the scene. Really nice work, thanks Raph! We can animate them in 2D and put their animated films on planes in Maya, it will look amazing.

Wan - modeling, rigging, texturing and blendshapes for the Mother and Bobo. Aminata is doing more concept for the mothers blendshapes and I am on the case with Bobo who is tricky as he gat no real expressive eyes etc.

Patrick - texture and rig the Doctor character, I will e-mail u a link to a page online from where u can download the maya file.

This  week we gat some extra help from Adam so he is working on concept for us as different creatures for the deadworld and the look of the deadworld.  I have told him about Raphaels idea about more " spiritual" creatures as I want to go for that.

I am on skype almost everyday if anyone has any questions or want to pass me files etc.

Peace n Luv,

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├ůsa said...

Josie, hollar at my on skype so that we can fix the schedule and put it up. Or maybe we should do like Jessica's group and let everyone make individual schedule's? Made from a list of tast we have to do so everyone can take on atleast 3-4 tasks? Anyway, lets talk on skyke :)

peace n luv,