Monday, 28 January 2008

IMPORTANT: Meeting Now on Wednesday 11 o'clock

Hi Everyone!

I still haven't seen all the work from everyone from the X-mas break and we have been back in college for three weeks now so bring it now on Wednesday. 

Wan, u said that u had problems with Bobo's nose - can u e-mail me or post a screen print here on the Blog so I can see what the problem is so that we can solve it.

Via Mike I have e-mailed out an request to all 2nd and 3rd year students about help modeling and rigging our main character Sophie. No one has replied. So that is a BIG problem that we have to solve this week without Sophie there is no film.

I have problems with Maya so I have not finished textured the hospital room but has worked on our character The Shadow instead in Corel Paint and with normal paint. I will post some of my tests and sketches here on the Blog so that you all can give your opinion.

See you all on Wednesday!
peace n luv,

PS We are all very busy with our dissertations so I would appreciate if everyone came on time.

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